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Latest Covid-19 Contact & Bookings update 6pm 03/04/2020

As of 6pm Friday 3rd April Dogmovers will not be taking new enquiries until we have had a chance to clear the current backlog of enquiries and booking requests.
We will update this page and our website when this changes but in the meantime all new enquiries will be being deleted.

To put this in perspective we have had 4-5 staff working overtime for the past two weeks to respond to the large number of enquiries coming in but the list has simply become longer every day and we are unable to cope with the demand. We have been operating additional services where we can to help move as many animals as we can but we simply cannot cater to the additional demand from the thousands of clients that would normally be flying their pets with Virgin or Qantas and we risk the safety of our staff and the reliability of our services if we do not accept these physical limitations.

This is an unprecedented and difficult decision for us to make because we normally pride ourselves on the level of our customer service.

We fully understand that many people will be disappointed by this decision. We will continue to respond to the enquiries that we have received to date but that will still take many days as we are also trying to finalise the large number of booking requests we have already received this week for our upcoming services. The reality is that the existing booking requests we have and the enquiries we have not yet responded to will likely substantially fill all of our scheduled April services. The next two weeks are largely already completely booked out as it is. It is likely to be at least a week before we would be able to consider accepting more enquiries but it may be longer and we would likely only be accepting enquiries for the last week in April or into May when we do.

At this time we are still not answering our phones. If you have a question about an existing booking you can still leave a message via phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are filtering all messages so that we can respond to issues with existing bookings and pets on board before we deal with new enquiries.

All current enquiries will continue to be dealt with in order but very little will happen between Friday evening and Monday as we concentrate on finalising booking requests so there will still be a delay of a few days.

If you have previously sent an enquiry or requested a booking but have not yet heard back from us we will be in touch as soon as we can. Do not send further messages to check on progress because that will just delay things further. Please also be aware that the fact we have responded to your previous enquiry or that you have asked us to make a booking after you received a quote from us does not mean there will necessarily be space available and obviously due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot guarantee that any individual service will be able to proceed.

We are getting cancellations where bookings have been made by people who are still looking for other options where they can. This is fine but please understand that if you cancel a booking within a week of the travel date we will keep an admin fee to cover the work we have already done on your booking. The later you cancel the more we will keep depending on our ability to rebook that spot. If you cancel within 48 hours we will not give a refund if we cannot rebook the spot.

We will continue to prioritise the safety for our staff, clients and pets as we make decisions about our run scheduling. We will where we can, continue to add additional services but will take steps to ensure the reliability of our services above all else.

We will continue to update our Facebook page and website as developments occur and we will update clients directly if they are affected by any changes.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Office Phone Number: (0411)738 829
for bookings and general enquiries during office hours.

Normal Office hours: ( QLD time)

    • 8am – 4.30pm        Monday – Friday
    • 9am – 12.00pm      Saturdays
    • Closed                      Sunday & Public Holidays

For after hours general enquiries please leave a message or email us and we will get back to you during office hours.

We also have the following Free Call numbers for interstate customers:

1800 DOGMOVERS for Regional & Interstate Transport enquiries.
1800 PETTAXIS for Local, South East QLD Transport enquiries.


Facebook: DOGMOVERS Facebook
please note that messages via facebook are generally only monitored during business hours and tend to be a less reliable form of communication than email.

Postal: PO Box 2534, Nerang, QLD 4211

Contact Dogmovers

After hours contacts regarding Animals already aboard.

If you have an after hours enquiry regarding an animal currently on board or due to be collected contact the relevant driver directly on the mobile numbers below, or as per the details provided to you at the time of Booking.

Please note that the drivers are not in a position to be able to respond to general enquiries or take new bookings and that these phones are only used during the relevant runs and are turned off in between. The driver only has your booking details from the start date of his/her run. Prior to the start of the run you will need to contact the office with any enquiries or changes.

Please do not call the drivers for Pricing, Bookings or General enquiries as they only have the details with them of the animals booked on their current run. All price enquiries will be directed to the office as per the details above.

Brisbane – Sydney via Pacific Highway, Tues – Thur only (Paula) 0427 466 512
Brisbane – Sydney via New England Highway, Mon – Thur only (Trevor) 0427 338 806
Brisbane – Sydney via Newell & Central West NSW, Mon – Thur only (Lynnette) 0401 286 623
Brisbane – Townsville or Cairns Runs, Thur – Mon only (Rick) 0488 775 456
Sydney – Melbourne Runs, Tue – Thur only (Sean) 0413 247 092
Ballarat – Bendigo – Shepparton Runs, Tue & Thur only (Shawna) 0478 110 800
South Australian Runs, Fortnightly (Lynnette) 0401 286 623
David/Sierra Emergency after hours contact 0418 775 456