Coronavirus COVID-19

Update 03/09/2020

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is continuing to have a significant impact on the lives of all Australians and is likely to affect freight and business for many months to come. Our Transport services are operating as normal and on schedule with some additional services where we have the resources to do so.

However we are we are receiving much higher numbers of enquiries than usual as the Airlines continue to alter flight schedules and are commonly cancelling flights and bookings. Many people who would normally fly their pets are now using road transport and the effect is that our customer service team have been inundated with Enquiries and Bookings now for several months and at times have been unable to keep up. We want to reassure you that we are constantly re-examining our business plans and processes and will adapt as this situation changes.

Additionally, please be aware that some of our services are being fully booked up to 6 weeks ahead. This is affecting some routes more than others. Check our Facebook page for more regular updates regarding availability. Be aware that quotes given should not be taken as an indication that a space is available on your preferred dates.

Victorian Lock-downs

In Melbourne & Victoria, under stage 3 & 4 Lock-downs we are still able to operate normally as an allowed business and clients are still permitted to come to meet us, including if necessary more than 5 km from home, provided they have evidence of the reason for their trip, are social distancing and are complying with all other requirements of the lock-down and curfews.

Interstate Border Closures

All of our drivers travel at all times with the appropriate Border passes and a registered Covid Safety plan. As we are a professional Freight business, we have not to date been unable to cross the Interstate Borders and it is not expected that this situation will change.

Social Distancing and Appropriate safety measures

Due to the nature of our business, Dogmovers is not a business that is under a great specific risk from the spread of the virus itself as we are not involved in large gatherings or have a large static workforce. There is some risk to our office and support staff which we are taking steps to mitigate. Our Drivers, though travelling interstate, are generally on their own most of the time and are accommodated within their vehicles. We meet clients for short periods of time only so the personal risk is more limited in that regard but we do require the cooperation of our customers to remain safe.

We ask you to help us observe the following precautions to safeguard yourself, our staff and your pets:

  • To reduce the risk of the spread of illness we have stopped accepting cash and ask that all clients pay for their booking by Credit card or EFT payment at the time of Booking or Confirmation so that the drivers and clients are not exchanging and handling cash.
  • We are no longer requiring signatures when we collect or deliver your animals to further limit contact. However, please be aware that if you make a booking the consignor, consignee and any other party to the verbal contract are deemed to have accepted our transport terms and conditions which are available to view via this website.
  • We ask that clients cancel or postpone their pet transport booking if they or any family members residing with the pet are or have been unwell, have traveled overseas or have come into contact with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days. There will be no additional charge for rescheduling transport due to illness or unavoidable circumstances.
  • We ask clients living in Hotspot or Lock-down areas, where possible, to have one Family Member come to collect or drop off their pets rather than the whole family. (Please note that this is a specific requirement for clients in Victoria under stage 3 & 4 Lock-downs.)
  • When at the meeting point, in Hotspot or Lock-down areas, do not congregate in groups with other clients and respect our drivers by being patient, keeping a few metres away while they are dealing with others and collecting your animals one at a time.
  • Our drivers will be asked to not shake hands or have any unnecessary direct contact with clients and to use disposable gloves at all times during these interactions.
  • We are not accepting unnecessary Envelopes, parcels or packages to be delivered with your pet. Toys or blankets may still be provided to be placed in the cage but be aware that if/when those become soiled they will be disposed of by the driver.
  • We will work closely with all staff to ensure that appropriate measures are in place in the event they become unwell and that we have back up staff available in case a staff member is unavailable to complete their trip due to illness. However please be aware that all of our services, like all transport services, are subject to changes due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • We will be limiting Door to Door pick ups and deliveries and where possible all exchanges will occur at pre-arranged, outdoor meeting points. Within Melbourne we will attempt to have additional Pet Taxis services available to assist with door to door delivery as required for those that need further assistance.

This situation is constantly changing and is new to all of us. Whilst it is concerning we would assure our clients that we are doing everything we can to continue to provide a quality service to you and your pet and to reduce the risk to both our clients and team members. Thank you for your understanding.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you and you family all the best through these difficult times.

Dave, Sierra and the Dogmovers team.