Pet Transporter Directory

Whilst we would love to be able to help everyone, unfortunately there are places we just don’t go and we can’t always fit everyone in. The following list includes both recommended transporters and others we know little about but, with insidences of transport related scams existing, we can confirm these are valid businesses in Australia.

Recommended Transporters

Where we have provided contact details, these transporters are businesses whom we do, or have worked with and we consider they provide a professional level of service and would personally recommend to consider in instances that we have been unable to provide a service for you.

Other Transporters

Due to an explosion of new, pop-up, transporters due to Flight limitations during 2020 we have included many newer transporters in this list but have not provided their Contact details where we have had little or no personal contact or information or their experience or quality of service is unknown. That should not be taken to mean that they should be avoided but their inclusion on this list is not a recommendation as much as it is a validation.

As there have been many incidents of Scams related to Puppy sales and Pet transport, they are included here as a sign that these are actual bona fide transporters within the industry and are not known to be related to scams. However caution is still required because some scams also use the names of real transporters, including our own at times, without the knowledge of those businesses, please ensure you have direct contact with your chosen transporter. We do have further info on Puppy & Transport scams on another page here:

In most cases we are able to link up with other transporters if required to provide a more complete service for you to any areas we do not cover ourselves. This may include delivering animals to airports or air freight agents or to other road based transporters.

Additionally our Pet Taxi service in South East Queensland can deliver directly to the Qantas or Virgin freight terminals at the Brisbane and Coolangatta airports, or provide a local door to door service throughout the region, if you have booked flights directly with another interstate transporter who is unable to service the Airport due to timing

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list as there are regular changes within the industry with many new and many retired transporters at any given point in time.

Pet Transporters, please feel free to contact us by email at to have your business added to this list or to correct any out of date or incorrect details.