Pet Sizing

Our prices vary based on the weight and size of your pets, we have a number of pet cage sizes built into each of our Vehicles and floats. It is important that we allocate an appropriate sized cage for your pet for its comfort during the trip.

We allocate spaces based on the breed and age of your pet. Following are the general guidelines we use for pricing along with more specific information based on the breed standards. We will not always need to know the exact weight or height of your pet, i.e. we will automatically charge a labrador as a medium dog, Jack Russells as a small dog and a Rhodesian Ridgeback as a large dog. However if your pet is unusually large or small for its breed you should let us know the specifics at the time of booking to ensure it has enough space for comfort and that you are charged appropriately.

We do reserve the right to refuse to collect any dog that appears to have been intentionally booked incorrectly or to require additional payment if the dog is significantly larger than was indicated.

Our standard size classifications are as follows:

  1. Small Puppies and Cats
    Generally a small or medium breed puppy, up to 12 weeks old at the time of travel and under 5kgs in weight.
  2. Large Puppies
    Generally a medium or large breed puppy,  5kgs and over, under 25cm in shoulder height, under 12 weeks old at the time of travel.
  3. Petite dogs
    Dogs up to 5kg and under 25cm at the shoulder.
  4. Small dogs
    Dogs from 5 – 10kg and under 35cm at the shoulder.
  5. Small/Medium
    Dogs from 10 – 20kg under 45cm at the shoulder
  6. Medium dogs
    Dogs from 20 – 40kg and under 60cm at the shoulder.
  7. Large dogs
    Dogs from 40 – 55kg and under 70cm at the shoulder.
  8. Extra Large dogs
    Dogs from 55kg  or over 70cm at the shoulder.

Dogmovers Dog Size Classifications, this is an example of how we price the common breeds

Breed Pup Bitch Dog
American Staffordshire Bull lge pup med med
Aussie Bulldog sml pup med med
Aussie Cattle sml pup med med
Aussie Kelpie sml pup med med
Australian Silky sml pup sml sml
Australian Stumpy Cattle sml pup med med
Australian Terrier sml pup sml sml
Bassett Hound sml pup med med
Beagle sml pup sml sml
Belgium Shepherd lge pup med lge
Bichon Frise sml pup sml sml
Bloodhound lge pup lge lge
Border Collie sml pup med med
Borzoi lge pup lge X lge
Boston Terrier sml pup sml sml
Boxer sm pup med med
British Bulldog sml pup med med
Bull Arab lge pup lge lge
Bull Mastiff lge pup lge X lge
Bull Terrier sml pup med med
Cairns Terrier sml pup sml sml
Cavalier King Charles sml pup sml sml
Chihuahua sml pup sml sml
Chinese Crested sml pup sml sml
Chow Chow sml pup med med
Cocker Spaniel sml pup sml sml
Collie Rough sml pup med med
Corgi – Welch sml pup sml sml
Curly Coated Retriever lge pup lge lge
Dalmation sml pup med med
Daschund sml pup sml sml
Deerhound lge pup X lge X lge
Doberman lge pup lge lge
Dogue De Bordeaux lge pup Lge – x X lge
English Setter lge pup  lge lge
English Springer Spaniel sml pup med med
Fox Terrier sml pup sml sml
Foxhound sml pup med lg
French Bulldog sml pup sml sml
German Shepherd lge pup med lge
German Spitz sml pup sml sml
Giant Schnauzer lge pup lge lge
Gordon Setter lge pup lge lge
 Golden Retriever lge pup med lg
Great Dane lge pup X lge X lge
Greyhound lge pup med med
Husky lge pup med med
Irish Setter lge pup lge lge
Italian Greyhound sml pup sml sml
Jack Russell sml pup sml sml
Keeshand sml pup med med
Labrador lge pup med Med
Lhaso Apso sml pup sml sml
Malamute lge pup lge lge
Maltese sml pup sml sml
Mareema lge pup med Lge
Neo Mastiff lge pup x lge X lge
Newfoundland lge pup X lge X lge
Papillon sml pup sml sml
Pekingnese sml pup sml sml
Pharoah Hound lge pup med med
Pomeranian sml pup sml sml
Poodle mini sml pup sml sml
Poodle toy sml pup sml sml
Poodle Standard lge pup med med
Pug sml pup sml sml
Rhodesian Ridgeback lge pup lge lge
Rottweiler lge pup lge lge
Schnauser sml pup med med
Schnauser ( Mini) sml pup sml sml
Schnauser ( Giant) lge pup lge lge
Sharpei sml pup med med
Shihtzu sml pup sml sml
St Bernard lge pup lge X lge
Staffordshire Bull Terrier sml pup sml med
Tenterfield Terrier sml pup sml sml
Weimaraner lge pup lge lge
Whippet sml pup med med
Wolfhound lge pup X lge X lge



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