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Pet & K9 Transport Services Adelaide

Dogmovers will manage your Pet Transport Adelaide needs from and to most places within South Australia or Interstate. The Dogmovers team will assist you with all your domestic pet travel needs, from relocations to holidays to a new puppy. The comfort and safety of your pet is our number one priority. Our helpful and experienced team is here to help make your travel arrangements for interstate pets completely stress-free, whilst also ensuring all your pets arrive safely.

Animal Transport Service Adelaide

Dogmovers are equipped to be able to carry some wildlife & small domestic livestock such as poultry, sheep, goats, snakes, reptiles and miniature pigs within small animal trailers throughout South Australia. We can also cart small or young animals up to approximately 10kgs in weight in plastic crates within our vehicles.

Adelaide's Trusted Dog Transportation Service

We offer a professional and caring transportation service to & from Adelaide for all dogs. We are a pet transport company that is committed to providing quality and affordable transportation for your pet/s in a safe and friendly environment. We move them by road, in comfort, with a personal touch. Our vehicles have permanent built in cages to keep all dogs separated and safe. All dogs have continuous access to water and are fed and exercised as is appropriate to their individual needs.

Why Choose Dogmovers?

Dogmovers are a small family owned business based in South East QLD. We have several different levels of Interstate Pet Transport services running regularly throughout the Eastern States of Australia from Adelaide to Cairns. Our most common routes are covered weekly as part of our Express services with trips between the major cities normally being overnight services. More specialised or individually customised services run less regularly on demand. For information relating to each service, see below.

These are typically regular Weekly or Fortnightly scheduled runs with set timetables similar to a bus service. These are our most economical services, covering all the main towns and cities on the primary routes up & down the East Coast. Prices are based on having clients meet us at central points in most towns and the cost of each trip is spread between many customers to keep the cost down. The prices are based on a set regional pricing structure with discounts available to regular clients, breeders, and Rescue Organisations. Read More.

These are more Specialty services designed to cater for Extra Large Breed Dogs, BOAS Affected Brachycephalic animals, Pets with special needs or simply for clients who would prefer a greater degree of attention or feedback during the trip. The Premium Services can also cater to more remote locations not catered to by our Express services. This is a full Door to Door service, more loosely scheduled but with greater flexibility. The cost of each trip may be spread between several customers and the prices are calculated using a per km charge which increases for pets travelling to more remote areas. Read More.

The Priority Service is a fully individualized trip, typically catering specifically to your own Pet Family’s needs whether you have 1 animal or 30. We can fully customise a trip to suit your own needs and time frame. This service can cater to extreme or special needs, specific times and dates and can travel everywhere utilising any combination from our fleet of SUV’s, Vans, Floats and Pet Transport Buses. Whilst this is the highest cost option, it is also the most flexible and can actually work out very economically if you have a large number of pets. Read More.

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Where do we pick up and drop off in Adelaide?

Primarily to central meeting points in Mawson Lakes, Keswick and Mount Barker. We also service several surrounding suburbs in the Greater Adelaide region, including, Mount Gambier, Narcoote, Bordertown, Keith, Tintinara, Coonalypn, Tailem Bend, Point Cook, Gawler & Renmark. A door to door service may be available in special cases but will occur an extra charge see here for more information Click Here.

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    Dogmovers is a Road based Pet Transporter operating within QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and South Australia with occasional specialty services to the Northern Territory. We do not currently Service Tasmania or Western Australia or organise flights.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much are Pet Transport Adelaide Services?

    The cost of transporting a pet varies with the pet’s needs and travelling distance. The average cost of longer distance deliveries is about A$200 to A$1000. While the average cost of shorter distance pet transport is approximately A$200 to A$ 350.

    How do you transport pets interstate?

    Using our fleet of specially fitted out vans and custom built dog floats, Dogmovers transport your animals by road in comfort. Our vehicles have permanently installed cages to keep the animals safe and separate. Every animal has continuous access to water and is fed and exercised according to their individual needs.

    How can I ship my dog to another state?

    To move your dog to another state follow the procedure below. This is to get a quote and arrange for your pet/s to be transported.

    1. For a quote, contact us via our enquiry form.
    2. Our customer service team will provide a quote based on your pets details and the delivery locations provided.
    3. When you are ready to confirm your booking, let us know by email, our customer service team will speak to both the sender and receiver to confirm all the details, check delivery locations and provide you with estimated pick up and drop off times.
    4. On the day of travel our driver will contact you earlier with the exact time to collect your pet.

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