Pet travel advice and tips

Tips for Pre Travel

Start preparing your Pets for Travel in the weeks leading up to Transport.

  • Check for Ticks and Fleas and treat prior to the trip where necessary.
  • Ensure your pets Vaccinations are up to date.
  • If you have any doubts about the health of your animal you should consult your vet for advice.
  • Have your pet spend some time each day confined if he is not used to being caged.
  • Ensure that your dog has a strong collar and that it cannot slip over the animals head.
  • If moving cats, keep them enclosed in the days prior, they have a tendency to hide on the day of travel.
  • Inform us of any special requirements or problems your pet may have.

Tips for the day of Travel

The following tips will make for a better trip for your Pet.

  • Do not feed your animals for a few hours prior to travel. Especially do not overfeed small pups prior to travel, this may cause them to experience some car sickness and discomfort early in the trip. We do feed animals through the course of the trip.
  • Continue to give your pets water prior to travel.
  • Arrive at the drop off point a little early, walk and toilet your dog while you are waiting for us.
  • If you are stressed or upset your pet will be stressed as well, lead by example, stay calm.
  • We do not recommend that animals be sedated for travel, if you are considering this please discuss it with us and your Vet. Our driver must be informed if your animal has been sedated or has any relevant health issues.
  • Any special food requirements should be provided with the animal and should be discussed with the driver.
  • If you have any paperwork that is to go with your pet place it in an envelope with the recipients name on it and give it to the driver.
  • Items such as leads, medication, bowls etc should be put in a carry bag. We will accept a small bag (shopping bag size or smaller) of the dogs belongings to travel with the animal.
  • Larger items such as dog beds, barrels of food etc. simply will not fit in our floats because the cages are built in. It is at the drivers discretion as to whether to accept extra items.

Tips for the days following Travel

Just like humans, pets may be a bit stiff, tired or out of sorts after a long trip. This is not a cause for concern but if any unusual behaviour continues for more than a couple of days we advise that you consult your vet for advice. In particular…

  • Make sure your pet is eating and drinking normally.
  • Pay attention to any unusual behaviour.