Dogmovers is a Road based Pet Transporter operating within QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and South Australia with occasional specialty services to the Northern Territory. We do not currently Service Tasmania or Western Australia or organise flights.

Enquiry & Bookings update. 10/06/2021.

Our interstate services are not being impacted by Border Closures or Restrictions and we continue to operate our full range of services under a freight exemption with a Covid-19 Safety plan in place for our Interstate drivers.

It remains a busy time for Road Transporters due to a restricted number of Interstate Flights but the situation has improved and our Enquiry response time is typically within 1-2 business days but as Border restrictions change we typically get a rush of sudden enquiries and at these times responses may more likely take 2-4 days. The best contact option for new enquiries is our online quote form. We are taking enquiries by phone but please be prepared to leave a message and wait on a response as we are constantly on the phones and it is unavoidable that we miss many incoming calls.

Our Customer service follow up regarding Bookings already in the system is normal, and this always takes priority over new enquiries. If phoning regarding a current booking please leave a message, we will call back. If possible email us via instead.

Availability of spaces for upcoming trips.
As a general rule at the moment our services are fully booked 1-2 weeks ahead on most routes with the busiest routes being those southbound into Victoria. We would encourage all clients to book as early as possible to ensure there is space available for their pet. We apologise for any delays and thank you all for your patience.

The prices shown below are a sample representation only and do not constitute a quote. It is not possible to provide the full range of prices due to the large Geographical area we cover. However the following Pricing will give most people a close estimate of the likely cost for their own enquiry. Further information regarding Discounts and additional charges is available below.

  1. Work out which of the 7 tables below to use based on the size of your pet.
  2. Find the two closest cities to your desired locations. If unsure go to the next furthest away.
  3. Your price will likely be similar to or less than that shown.

Obviously we stop at hundreds of towns between the locations shown here as samples. Actual pricing depends on the size and weight of your animals at the time of travel because we do have multiple sized cages built into our vehicles. In many cases the price may be less than that shown as we do discount prices to regular clients, rescue organisations and when you are moving more than one pet at a time.

Small Breed puppies include Chihuahuas, Cavoodles, Pugs etc up to 12 weeks.

Large Breed puppies include Border Collies, Labradors, Staffys etc up to 12 weeks.

X Large Breed puppies include Mastiffs, Bull Arabs, Gt Danes etc up to 12 weeks.




In addition to the above estimates the following information may assist with your planning.

Our interstate services operate similarly to a long distance Bus service and our prices take into account the number and size of your pets and the distance they are to be moved. Each of our runs covers a number of days and on each run we will move numerous pets along with your own. On some routes the prices are higher because we have greater distances to cover combined with lower numbers of animals typically being moved, this means that it will usually be more expensive between regional areas than to the cities or larger centres that we service.

Generally you will be charged per animal but each additional animal will be charged at a lesser rate. Bookings for 5 or more animals, litters of pups or other unusual requests will be treated individually.

Our prices include GST, Dog or Cat food, regular comfort stops for your pets and pick up from and drop off to a central location in most towns. In larger cities we will have several meeting points.

Our prices do not include pick up or drop off to a residence. Such services are possible in many instances at an additional cost however this is discouraged simply because it can add significantly to the hours each day that our drivers and all the pets in our care are on the road. In most cities we can help arrange a local Pet Taxi Service at an additional cost where it is necessary.

All Quotes provided are subject to the accuracy of the information provided by the client and are valid for 30 Days
All Bookings made are subject to Dogmovers Terms and Conditions readily available via this link and our Website


Standard discounts apply for the transport of multiple animals to and from the same locations or if a pet is booked on a return trip. Additionally there are discounts in the event two or more pups from the same litter will be sharing a cage. These discounts will automatically be deducted from your quote at the time of booking.

To encourage people to choose a new pet from a recognised animal welfare organisation we also provide a 15% discount for the transport of rescued pets from the RSCPA, Animal welfare league and other recognised rescue organisations. This discount does not apply to pets being returned to their original breeder due to unsuitability.

Regular clients and Breeders who encourage their clients to use our services may receive a discount of 10%.

Animals booked for a return trip, such as animals travelling for breeding or pets going on short holidays will receive a 10% discount provided the return trip is booked at the same time. Timing of the return trip can be adjusted if the situation changes.

Extra charges

Extra charges may apply for pick up or drop off at any location other than our standard meeting points, requiring extra travel from our usual routes. (no extra charges apply for drop off along our routes between towns such as in rural or regional areas) These charges are based on a rate of $90 per hour with a minimum charge of $30.00 for ¼ hour and are calculated to cover the additional travel time as well as the expected time spent at the residence. This charge is generally designed to discourage clients from having us collect from the door when it is not necessary as this can add several hours per day to the time all other clients animals on board are required to travel. We will not normally charge for collection from or delivery to a pet related establishment such as Kennels and RSPCA centres provided they are within a reasonable distance from our normal routes.

Any pets booked to travel on a route other than our shortest available route from pick up to drop off may incur a charge of $40 extra per additional nights travel.

Last minute or Urgent after hours bookings will incur an additional charge of $25. This charge covers the cost of extra time or overtime for our staff and additional work required confirming details with the driver once they have already departed on their run. Our runs are often fully booked a number of days prior to the start of the trip and where possible bookings should be made at least one week prior to the moving date.

Any additional costs incurred such as vet fees or boarding fees will be passed on as per our terms and conditions of trade.
All Quotes provided are subject to the accuracy of the information provided by the client and are valid for 30 Days
All Bookings made are subject to Dogmovers Terms and Conditions readily available via this link and our Website

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