Rescue Pet Transport

Dogmovers works closely with many Pet Rescue Organisations and is regularly involved in relocating pets from Pounds to Rescue Groups as well as helping to transport adopted pets from the Rescue Organisations or their Foster Carers to new homes. We have a particular interest in supporting Rescue Groups operating in Regional areas and those that are making efforts to fully assess and rehabilitate pets before they are transported or rehomed.

In the hope that it will encourage more people to choose to Rehome their next Family Pet, we offer our highest available discounts to Rescue Groups and their clients. But we also have additional programs in place to provide extra assistance to selected organisations in greater need.

A Minimum 20% Discount is available to Rescue groups for pets being transferred to their Organisation or its Foster Carers.
A Minimum 15% Discount is available to Individuals when Rehoming Pets from a recognised Rescue Organisation.

Free Rescue Transport spaces
Dogmovers regularly offers FREE Rescue Pet Transport spaces, typically several per month, to Rescue Groups. These FREE spaces are advertised on our Facebook Page and are allotted on a first come, first served basis.

Dogmovers also more selectively assists Rescue Organisations directly by Donating FREE Rescue Pet Transport services to Groups in Greater need or with an Emergency situation on their hands or by assisting with FREE transport of rescue resources when requested.

Rescue Group Transport Payment
Whilst payment for Pet Transport is generally required at the time of booking, we do recognise that this is sometimes difficult for Rescue Groups due to their administrative structure. If we have been working with your group for a while and subject to having the appropriate administrative details provided we will consider providing invoices on account to allow a smoother process for your organisation.

Pet Rescue Transport Discount Vouchers
To assist Your Organisation to encourage interstate clients to rehome from your Region, where distance is an issue, we have available the Following 15% Pet Rescue Discount Vouchers for you hand out, include in information packs or provide to your clients as an additional incentive. Contact us at to arrange to have some posted to your Group.

Pet Rescue 15% Discount Voucher

Contact our Pet Rescue Coordinator for further information on how we can assist your rescue organisation.