Stolen 10 Berth Dog Trailer – Reward Offered

Our 10 Berth Dog Transport trailer was stolen on 9th July 2018 from Bacchus Marsh Road, Lara. Victoria. A $1000 reward is offered for information leading to the return of this trailer or prosecution or the people that took it. Queensland Rego 488QTA. Last seen near Bendigo & Heathcote, Vic.

10 Berth Dog Trailer Stolen

It was last seen in the Bendigo and Heathcote area on 11th July 2018 by at least five people following an extensive Facebook campaign, it had a blue tarp covering the rear of the vehicle, the rego and the signwriting. A man & woman were seen stopped and adjusting the tarp in Heathcote near the bank. Possibly travelling north and there was a less definite sighting at Echuca heading towards NSW so may be interstate. But my feeling is that it is could still be in the greater Bendigo area somewhere, probably parked on a private property and possibly that would be a Greyhound property.

10 Berth without Signage

It was last seen with the Orange signwriting pictured but I have included pictures of it without that and behind a larger SUV to give an idea of the size. Distinctive features are the five doors each side, very square construction, single axle and larger size compared to normal dog floats. It is about 6m long in total, 1.8m wide and taller than normal dog floats. It is a trailer we made ourselves so we will be able to readily identify it from pictures and it is quite different to most other dog floats out there.

10 Berth with SUV

10 Berth Dog Trailer Reward Offered

It will be of limited use to whoever took it, it was built for long distance transport but they will not be able to use it for that without being really obvious. The most likely scenario now is that it will be offered for sale at some stage as it will stand out too much if they try to use it to go to a Greyhound track, dog show or anywhere they would need such a large trailer. Let us know if you are offered it for sale. Send us pictures if you are unsure.

10 Berth Dog Trailer Stolen


This trailer is distinctly different to our other floats. This is the only one that had the orange signage similar to what is on our vans. It is the only large trailer we had with one level of cages. Our other large floats have two levels with upper & lower doors on both sides. It has 10 cages of varying sizes, a water pump in the storage area in the front. Very square in construction with an aluminium chequerplate floor. It has a water tank underneath, the filler is just behind the RH wheel and a tap on the front.


It has been reported to police in multiple states. Could anyone seeing the pictured trailer contact Dogmovers immediately on 07 5530 2710 or 0418 775 456, via Facebook or email. We are offering a $1000 Reward for information that leads to the recovery of the trailer or the prosecution of the thief. Thanks, Dave