About Dogmovers

Dogmovers are the Premier Pet Transport service throughout Eastern Australia

Based in South East Queensland and NSW, Dogmovers provide specialised Local, Regional and Interstate Pet transport and pet relocation services by road throughout Australia’s Eastern States.

Dogmovers is a Family owned and run enterprise. Dogmovers has operated since 1993 with David & Sierra having operated the business since 2004. It has grown significantly over the years and we now have 21 full or part time staff, including our 4 children and Davids parents. Many of our wonderful staff have been with us for over 10 years. At present we have a team of 6 full time staff on the Customer service team, 8 full time and part time Drivers/Animal Handlers and 6 full or part time Animal Care & Maintenance personnel. Together the key members of our team have well over 100 years combined experience in Specialised Pet Transportation.

Dogmovers is set apart from the competition by our long-term commitment to the regularity and reliabilty of our road based interstate services. We have achieved this by building the largest independant network of Interstate Pet Transport routes and services in Australia. While our competitors rely heavily upon the vagaries of the large airlines or other competing subcontractors Dogmovers maintains its own widespread network of 10-15 scheduled Interstate Services per week and owns, maintains and manages its own fleet of 15 SUV’s, Vans & Buses plus 10 Pet Transport floats.

Dogmovers can therefore provide you with the most regular and reliable express services between Australia’s major Cities and Regional areas as well as comprehensive Premium and Specialty Pet Relocation services to suit your needs.

Our fleet of custom designed and modified Pet Transport Vans, Buses and small animal floats provide flexibility in our services with a focus on the comfort and safety of your best friends.

We offer a professional and caring service for all pets and small domestic animals and are committed to providing quality and affordable transportation of your pet in a safe and friendly environment.

Our specialised services cater to all aspects of Dog transport, Cat transport, Puppy transport, Kitten transport, Greyhound transport, Dog moving, Pet moving, Pet travel, Pet shipping, small animal transport, Bird transport, Poultry transport and Reptile transport.

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Dog Movers - Pet transport service in NSW and QLD