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    Please Read the Following Before Completing your Quote request on the form below

    Dogmovers is a Road based Pet Transporter operating within Qld, NSW, ACT, VIC and South Australia with occasional specialty services to the Northern Territory. We do not currently Service Tasmania or Western Australia or organise flights. Requests for quotes to States, or for services we do not offer will not be responded to until the Covid-19 situation ends and we are better able to respond to all enquiries appropriately.

    Due to the large number of incoming enquiries because of a lack of domestic flights for pets it may take a few days for us to respond to your enquiry.

    As per the Map shown below we are now fully booked until Xmas for animals travelling from QLD and NSW southbound into Victoria. Limited spaces are still available for animals travelling southbound into South Australia.

    Spaces on our North QLD services are limited in both directions. Southbound spaces are still available between QLD and Sydney via our Pacific, New England and Newell Highway routes.

    Northbound spaces are still available on most routes however many of the remaining routes will typically be expected to be booked up till XMAS by early December.

    We will resume all routes in January progressively with pick ups southbound from the 3rd January in QLD, 5th January in NSW and we are in Melbourne from the 7th January for deliveries and Northbound collections. We are currently taking bookings for all routes in the new year.

    In all cases we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as quickly as we can to give you, in the first instance an estimate of the time frame expected.

    Whilst we appreciate this is inconvenient it is unfortunately unavoidable. Basic indicative pricing is available on the pricing page on our site for those who would simply like a rough idea to start with.

    All new enquiries must be done on the following enquiry form so we receive all the details required to provide a quote as quickly as is possible. Phone and Facebook enquiries may take longer as we often get given too little information to provide a quote.

    We will continue to update our Facebook page and website as changes occur and we will update clients directly if they are affected directly by any changes.


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    All Quotes provided are subject to the accuracy of the information provided by the client and are valid for 30 Days
    All Bookings made are subject to Dogmovers Terms and Conditions readily available via this link and our Website