Dogmovers Terms & Conditions

Interpretation and definitions of Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions form an integral part of any written or verbal Contract between Dogmovers and any client who contracts Dogmovers to transport any animal.

“owner” means any person, company or organisation who enters into or is a party to a contract with Dogmovers to transport an animal including the breeder, trainer, consignor and the consignee.

“Dogmovers” means the company, Australian Pet Transport Pty Ltd, based in Queensland, Australia, trading as Dogmovers and its employees. Employees of Dogmovers have the authority to enter into a contract on behalf of Dogmovers but have no authority to vary these terms & conditions.

“animal” or “animals” means any animal, multiple of animals or other item provided to Dogmovers for the purpose of being transported.

“consignor” means the person Dogmovers is contracted to collect the animal from.

“consignee” means the person Dogmovers is contracted to deliver the animal to.

All parties to the contract, including the breeder, consignor, consignee or any other party who places the booking with Dogmovers shall be held to be the owner and are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and to be jointly and severally liable for any additional costs that may be incurred on their behalf during the transport. Any person who contracts Dogmovers to conduct any such transport, makes payment for transport services or delivers an animal to Dogmovers for the purpose of transport, including if they are not the owner, warrants to Dogmovers that they have the authority of the owner to do so and that they accept these Terms & Conditions.

Pricing and Payments

Any price or quotation provided by Dogmovers is based on information provided by the owner of the animal as to the animals breed, size and the location of pick up and delivery. Dogmovers reserve the right to vary the price in the event that the information upon which the price was quoted was incorrect or has altered. Any price provided by Dogmovers is solely for transport and care of the animal and does not include Pet Insurance, Boarding, Veterinary Care or any additional extras unless agreed upon at the time of booking and is valid for 30 days.

Payments may be made by Credit card, Bank transfer, ZipPay or Paypal, Cheques will not be accepted. Payment must be finalised at least one week prior to the collection date and bookings are not confirmed until such time as payment has been received. Booked spaces not paid one week prior may be released. In the event of incomplete or returned payments Dogmovers reserves the right to refuse delivery of any animals and to deliver them to an appropriate boarding facility at the owners cost until such time as payment has been received in full.

Collection, Delivery, Transport and Timing

All times provided by Dogmovers, at the time of booking, for pick up or delivery are estimates only. We endeavour to ensure we can at all times maintain an appropriate timetable however, inevitably, at times we will be required to make alterations to our timetable or to cancel services due to traffic and weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns or for any other reason beyond our control. Dogmovers accept no liability for any loss, cost or inconvenience suffered by any party as a result of any deviation from estimated pick up and delivery times or the cancellation of any services due to circumstances beyond our control.

Dogmovers may refuse to pick up any animal in the event that we have, at that point in time, been unable to confirm appropriate delivery details with the consignee or if our driver considers that there is any issue with the health or condition of the animal or the animal differs from the details we had been provided.

In the event that Dogmovers is unable to contact the consignee for delivery at the arranged time we may deliver the animals to an appropriate boarding facility until appropriate alternative arrangements are able to be made. If delivery is unable to be finalised due to circumstances outside of Dogmovers control the animals may be held and cared for in appropriate conditions by Dogmovers or returned to the consignor or to an appropriate boarding facility and the owner may be responsible for the original cost of transport and any additional costs incurred at Dogmovers discretion and having regard to the reasons for non delivery.

In the event that any animal is required to be kennelled or boarded for any reason including travel or collection delays beyond Dogmovers control, all boarding costs shall be the owners responsibility.

From time to time, Dogmovers may have to change the conditions or the way in which an animal was intending to travel for reasons including but not limited to vehicle or trailer breakdowns or repairs, a drivers health, rescheduling or weather conditions. Animal may be transported in a variety of ways, such as but not limited to, Air Conditioned motor vehicle’s in a travel crate or cage, specially constructed animal transport trailers with or without air conditioning or aircraft. We do not use non Air conditioned motor vehicles and in all instances vehicles or trailers are constructed or modified such that they allow air to flow and be circulated appropriately to all animals.


Dogmovers reserve the right to charge the full quoted price or any part thereof in the event of a booking being cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the agreed pick up time or in the event that we are not informed that a booking has been cancelled. In the event we arrive to collect an animal but are unable to contact the consignor the booking shall be treated as a cancelled booking and the driver shall continue on his scheduled run.

Refunds requested or given shall be at the sole discretion of Dogmovers, having regard to the individual circumstances and minus an Administration fee of $90. In general terms we will apply the following. If bookings are cancelled more than one week from the scheduled pick up date we will consider a full refund less the Admin fee. If a booking is cancelled within one week but more than 72 hours of the scheduled pick up time a full or partial refund, less the Admin fee, will be given depending on the circumstances at Dogmovers discretion. If a booking is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled pick up no refund will be given. In the event that services are cancelled or interrupted due to circumstances beyond Dogmovers control we will be unable to provide refunds but will postpone, re-book or provide credits at our discretion where necessary. In the event that any animal is unable to travel due to illness or has passed away prior to the scheduled trip, Dogmovers will refund or postpone the trip as appropriate provided that the owner has made a reasonable effort to notify us as soon as is practical.


Whilst Dogmovers conducts itself with the utmost care and attention to clients’ animals, they are handled under the understanding that Dogmovers will not to be held responsible for any loss, death, illness, injury or accident due to any cause whatsoever notwithstanding that nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to discharge Dogmovers normal duty of care or liability in the event that Dogmovers or its staff are found to be negligent in their care for the animal.

It is at all times the owners and/or breeders responsibility to ensure that the animal is fit for travel including but not limited to the animal being social, non aggressive, of an appropriate age, has had appropriate vaccinations, worming, flea & tick treatments and does not suffer from travel stress or separation anxiety. Dogmovers cannot be expected to know the condition or temperament of your pet and will not be held accountable for any failure on the owners part to ensure its suitability for transport.

It is at all times the owners responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the circumstances of their animals transport arrangements and to notify Dogmovers of any relevant details regarding their animal that may affect safe or appropriate transport.

Where any animal is collected from or delivered to another animal transporter or other third party at the request of the owner Dogmovers accepts no liability for any loss, death, illness, injury or accident due to any cause whatsoever whilst the animal is in the care of that other party.

Where any animal is collected from or delivered to another animal transporter or other third party for the provision of services arranged by and which form a part of the total contract with Dogmovers, these Terms & Conditions shall be deemed to be applicable whilst the animal is in the care of that third party.

Dogmovers accepts no responsibility or liability for any other items of paperwork, baggage or freight that may be provided to us for delivery along with your pets. Dogmovers recommends that copies are made of any important paperwork that will be sent with your pets to protect you against possible loss.

In the event that any dispute may not be reasonably resolved by the parties and legal action becomes necessary it is accepted that Dogmovers is based in and the contract was entered into in Queensland and that the Southport district of Queenslands Magistrates court shall be deemed to be the appropriate jurisdiction for the filing of such legal action by either party.


Dogmovers collect information from and about our clients and their pets for the sole purpose of the provision of pet transport services and may disclose this information to others as is necessary in the provision of said services. This includes but is not limited to other transporters, veterinarians, kennels or individuals with whom we would reasonably be expected to share information in the provision of said services. Dogmovers shall accept no liability for any loss or inconvenience suffered by any party as a result of the disclosure of any such information.

Animal health and welfare

Veterinary attention

It is a condition of transport that Dogmovers are authorised by the owner/s to seek veterinary attention for any animal should it be deemed necessary by Dogmovers whilst it is in our care. Dogmovers shall make every effort to contact the owner prior to authorising appropriate treatment however in the event that we are unable to contact the owner Dogmovers have a duty of care to make such decisions as may be necessary, based on veterinary advice received. Any veterinary costs incurred shall be the owners responsibility and where possible shall be billed directly to the owner. Any veterinary costs incurred by Dogmovers shall be forwarded to the owner for reimbursement. In the event that an animal requires veterinary attention during transport Dogmovers is not obligated to refund any prepaid transport fees.

In the event we are required to take your animal to a vet, it is likely that the animal may be required to stay at the vet for an extended period of time and Dogmovers may not be able to wait for treatment to be finalised due to our ongoing Duty of Care for other animals on board. This may result in additional costs to the owner for extended care, boarding or alternative transport to complete the journey.

It is the owners responsibility to inform Dogmovers of any illness, medical condition or special needs relevant to their animal prior to the animal being collected for transport. In the event that any Breeder or owner provides to Dogmovers any animal that is known to be unwell without disclosing the details to Dogmovers and other animals become unwell as a consequence they may be held liable for any additional costs or damages incurred by Dogmovers its staff or other clients.

Brachycephalic breeds and Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS)

Dogmovers “Policy regarding the Transport of Brachycephalic Dogs and Cats”, which can be found on our website, shall be deemed to form a part of these terms & conditions in the event that we are contracted to transport an animal that is of a Brachycephalic breed. This policy includes but is not limited to the following conditions:

The owner, sender and receiver acknowledge that:

  1. Their animal/s, being of a brachycephalic breed, are at a greater risk of suffering from BAOS or other health conditions during transport and that they understand that Dogmovers will only accept such animals for transport wholly at the owners risk.
  2. It is their responsibility to understand the risks to their animal associated with BAOS and to properly assess the animals condition and suitability for transport.
  3. Their animal has not previously required treatment for BAOS, any respiratory problems or heat stress.
  4. Our drivers may refuse to accept the animal for transport if it shows signs of advanced BAOS or is obese. In the event that an animal is not accepted for transport Dogmovers is not obligated to refund any prepaid transport fees.
  5. In the event of extremely hot weather conditions being forecast Dogmovers may postpone or cancel the transport of brachycephalic breeds or at risk animals.


It is, under all circumstances, entirely the owners responsibility to ensure that their own animal is appropriately vaccinated and protected according to their own needs and/or beliefs. During transport animals will come into contact with other animals and may be walked in public places. Young animals are not considered to be fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their final vaccination at around 16 weeks or later. Dogmovers will not be held liable for the owners failure to ensure appropriate protection for their pets.

Notwithstanding the above, young animals should not be transported within 10 days of receiving their first vaccinations due to an increased risk to the animal of contracting diseases, becoming unwell or suffering from side effects in this period following vaccination. Young animals transported within this period are carried entirely at the owners risk.

Tranquilisers and sedatives

It is Dogmovers policy that tranquillizers or sedatives should not be used on animals being transported due to increased health risks to animals under sedation. Where tranquillizers are required they are to be arranged by the client and prescribed and issued by the client’s own veterinarian. Dogmovers will not be held responsible for complications arising from the administration or use of tranquillizers or sedatives.

Exercising of animals

It is Dogmovers policy to exercise dogs, as appropriate, whilst in our care. Apart from the obvious benefits it is at these times that we are most likely to notice any changes in your pets behaviour that may be an indication of a health concern. It is an inevitable consequence that there is an increased risk of loss, injury or the contraction of diseases whilst animals are being exercised in the same way as there is whilst they are being exercised in your own care. It is the owners responsibility to inform Dogmovers if they do not want their animal to be handled or exercised for any reason, however please note that this will also limit our ability to assess your pets health & condition.

Dangerous animals

We reserve the right not to transport or handle any animal that is considered to present a danger to any person or other animal and this shall be at the sole discretion of our staff.