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Do we only move dogs?

No, we will move all pets and small domestic animals. We move all types of dogs from poodle puppies, to working dogs, pig dogs, greyhounds and of course your family pets. We also move cats, chooks, pigs, ducks, goats, sheep, birds, guinea pigs and lizards. We will happily transport all small domestic animals although there may be some special requirements or limitations on Native animals or livestock, check our livestock info page further details. click here to go to small livestock transport services

Will my animal be walked/fed/given water?

We try to walk dogs and puppies approximately 3 times a day. If you do not wish for your puppy to be walked, please make sure you let us know. Cats are not typically removed from their cages during transport but are provided with a small litter tray which is cleaned or replaced regularly.
Puppies and kittens are fed morning and night, very small pups will have food at all times. Adult dogs and cats are fed each evening.
Animals are provided with water continupusly throughout the entire journey, this is typically checked at least every couple of hours.

For dogs and puppies we feed “A La Carte, All Life Stages & Puppy, Lamb & Rice” Dry Food, plus various wet food options for fussy eaters.

How do we Transport your pets?

Dogmovers moves your animals by road in our fleet of Specially fitted out Vans and custom made dog floats Our vehicles have permanent built in cages to keep the animals separated and safe. All animals have continuous access to water and are fed and exercised as is appropriate to their individual needs.

Is My Pet too old for Transport?

Senior pets can have special or specific needs or may face additional risk factors during transport.
The exact age at which your pet may be considered too old however is very much dependant on your pets breed and its general health rather than a specific age. Larger breed dogs may be considered old at 8 – 10 years while smaller breeds may be more likely to be considered old from around 10 – 12 years. A 10 – 12 year old dog, depending on his size and individual variation, is roughly the equivalent of a 60 – 90 year old person.
Often, older dogs and cats have one or more chronic health conditions which may or may not be affected by travel and the risks associated increase with the duration of travel. Some conditions may suggest an increased risk during a lengthy road trip whereas others may present a specific risk during flights. On the other hand, your pet may still be in excellent physical shape despite its years. Additionally you need to consider whether your pet takes medications at intervals that might conflict with the travel schedule?
In all cases, if you are unsure, discuss the issue with your vet and with our customer service team. In the case of older pets with chronic conditions we would recommend that you consider utilising our Premium or Priority services rather than the standard Express service so that we can ensure the driver has additional time to tend to your pets individual needs. These trips are more expensive but may give you significantly more peace of mind for the trip.

Do Dogmovers use just Vans or Trailers as well?

Dogmovers utilise a range SUV’s, Vans, Small Buses and custom made dog floats. All vehicles and Floats have permanent built in cages to keep the animals separated and safe.

While we are aware that there are other transporters that are specifically advertising that they do not use trailers, in most cases these are businesses that move primarily or only puppies or a very limited number of animals. Dogmovers often has a much wider range of animals on board including larger hunting and working dogs or others for whom a trailer can be a more appropriate solution for Interstate Transport.

Additionally, as one of Australia’s longest serving and most experienced Interstate Pet Transporters we are well aware that well designed floats can provide a more manageable environment than vans in many situations including better insulation, enhanced airflow and a calmer travel experience for many pets. These factors are never more evident than in emergencies or during breakdowns when an otherwise well set up Vans Air Conditioning system may be unable to function and they can quickly overheat before assistance arrives.

You can be assured that whichever of Dogmovers vehicle and/or float combination may be used for the transport of your pets we have the comfort, safety & security of your Pets in mind at all times.

Are the trailers Air Conditioned?

Dogmovers pet transport floats are not Air Conditioned and we make no representation that your animal will be transported in an air conditioned environment on our regional and interstate services. While air conditioning is beneficial in keeping pets comfortable on short journeys it is our experience that the risks associated with using AC on longer trips outweigh the benefits for some breeds.

Sudden and extreme changes in temperature can be experienced by animals being removed from an air conditioned cage into a hot or humid environment, either for a toilet stop or at the end of a journey. These sudden changes are believed to cause excessive stress in BAOS affected animals and to be an additional risk factor for this condition. It is important to note here that while high temperatures are a risk factor for some breeds, seriously affected animals are unable to properly regulate their body temperature even in a cool or air conditioned environment.

Additionally reliance on Air Conditioning presents a very dangerous situation in the event of a vehicle breakdown especially where animals are travelling within vehicles instead of well designed and ventilated floats.

Do I have to wait at the meeting point for 3 hours?

We do not expect anyone to wait at the meeting point for hours on end. Our drivers’ phone all their customers prior (usually 1 hour at the least) with an exact time for when they plan to be at the meeting point. The approximate time provided is to allow for delays such as traffic, meeting customers, stops to walk the animals etc. and we just require that yourself or a friend/family member/partner be available at that time.

Is the date provided in my quote the soonest travel date?

All email enquiries are quoted for the soonest run that we have available on that route.
If you provided a preferred travel date, the quote will be the soonest we can do it after or around that date.

Will my puppy/dog be put in with other animals?

All animals are put in their own individual cages but can still see the animals in cages next to them.
The only exclusion we have is for puppies from the same litter at the discretion of the breeder and new owners.
We cannot move adult dogs or cats in the same cage, nor can we move puppies from the same breeder but from different litters in the same cage.

What bedding is provided on transport?

All our cages are lined with straw for bedding, which is cleaned out and replaced with fresh straw as it is soiled. In the case of puppies and kittens we also use rubber mats and absorbent puppy pads or kitty litter under the straw.
We use straw because during travel it is almost impossible to keep foam mats or blankets etc clean, especially with puppies which are not toilet trained. Straw can be disposed of more regularly and efficiently which assist in keeping your pet clean and healthy.
If you wish to send a small blanket or a toy with your animal for comfort whilst on transport, you may feel free to do so, however if it gets soiled on transport, the driver is likely to dispose of it prior to delivery for health reasons.

Can I send a blanket / toy / bedding / paperwork?

Please note at the current point in time, due to COVID-19 we cannot accept anything other than essential paperwork and specialty foods from clients residing in Covid Hotspot regions.

Under normal circumstances however we can accept a small amount of paperwork, food and other items as follows:

  • Any special food requirements should be provided with the animal and must be discussed with the driver. (we do not have refrigeration on board for pet food so raw meat needs to be avoided and will be discarded by the driver as required for health reasons)
  • If you have any paperwork that is to go with your pet place it in an envelope with the animals details and recipients name on it and give it to the driver. Please ensure that you photograph paperwork prior to sending as we can not accept responsibility for lost items.
  • Items such as leads, medication, bowls etc should be put in a carry bag. We will accept a small bag of the dogs belongings to travel with the animal. (up to the size of a supermarket shopping bag size)
  • If you wish to send a small blanket or a toy with your animal for comfort whilst on transport, you may feel free to do so, however if it gets soiled on transport, the driver is likely to dispose of it prior to delivery for health reasons. Large blankets or beds will not be accepted.
  • Larger items such as dog beds, barrels of food etc. simply will not fit in our floats because the cages are built in. We cannot take these items and it is at the drivers discretion as to whether they accept any additional items. (Please be aware that even though the driver collecting your pet/s may have visible space, subsequent drivers may not so in most cases we cannot accept any larger items. Additionally towels, blankets etc may be disposed of by the driver during the trip if they become soiled with faeces.)

How do I pay? Do you need a deposit?

We require payment to be made prior to transport, usually via Credit Card over the phone or by internet transfer. We doo also accept PayPal but we do not accept Cash or Cheques. The details will be provided to you at the time your booking is confirmed, PLEASE do not make payment if you haven’t yet had a booking confirmed and use the booking reference number as your payment reference. We do not require a deposit to accept a booking, but we do not do tentative bookings and your booking is not finalised until payment is received. Generally we would recommend paying at least a couple of weeks in advance to ensure your transport however we do have policies with regards to refunds if you cancel close to the date of departure – check our terms and conditions for the full details.

What do I need to do in order to book?

If you wish to make a booking, at the very least we require the name and phone number of the person at each end of the transport. If you have more details, please feel free to provide as much information as possible. You can either respond to your email enquiry with these details, or you can send an email with the reference number from your enquiry stating that you wish to book and you will receive an email back with details to fill out.
We can not make a booking without these details. If you have not provided these details at any point, you do not have a booking with us.

More complete details are available here Booking Process

Will the driver contact me when they collect my animal?

Our drivers do not have time to contact every customer upon collection/delivery of their animal. If we have any concerns regarding your pet/s or encounter any issues with contacting the appropriate people for collection/delivery we will contact the affected parties directly.
So, if you do not hear from anyone, it means that everything has gone according to plan and you will hear from the driver in due course.

You are of course welcome to message the driver during the trip to check on your pets travel. Please be patient though as the drivers do have limitations at times on their communication due to the fact they are driving. Also keep in mind that there may be more than one driver involved in your transfer and the numbers provided during confirmation are usually for the driver you will be due to meet at collection or drop off rather than for the whole trip.

Can I check on my animal during transport? Can the driver send me photos?

Prior to transport, we send all our customers a text or email with the collection/delivery details and their drivers phone number. We send this so that if you have any questions or want to check on your animal you can contact the driver directly. Please do not contact them excessively as they are driving/dealing with customers regularly throughout the day and cannot be on their phones that frequently.
We will give you a call if there are any issues with your Pet or if an animals behaviour seems like it may not be normal.
On our Express services we do not usually take photos or contact each client to update them regarding how their pets are travelling if everything is going OK. We would prefer you do not ask the Driver to send photos as they are very busy on these trips which are typically around 14 hour days. On our Premium services the Driver does have fewer animals to care for and spends more time with your specific pets during breaks. They will be happy to have more detailed communication as required throughout the trip and will be able to provide photos etc for those clients that want them.