Air Conditioning

Dogmovers use a variety of Air Conditioned Vans and Buses plus specialised custom built floats in addition to multiple service offerings ranging from Express Interstate to fully customised door to door Priority Services to cater to a wide range of Pet Transport demands.

Dogmovers pet transport floats are not Air Conditioned and we make no representation that your animal will be transported in an air conditioned environment on our Express regional and interstate services.

While air conditioning may be beneficial in keeping pets comfortable on short journeys it is our experience that the risks associated with using AC on longer trips outweigh the benefits.

We do have other levels of service that cater to animals with specific needs and on these services our staff will have a very limited number of animals to deal with and we would be able to ensure that appropriate Air Conditioning was available for each animal in these instances. These services may be significantly more expensive depending on the location or route.

Typically, even on very warm days, most domestic animals have no issue with the temperature provided they are not in direct sunlight and have water available. Brachycephalic animals, Greyhounds, very old pets or animals with specific conditions may be affected, or have conditions that are exacerbated by heat, but ironically, moving these animals into, or out of Air Conditioning can itself create or worsen their issues. Sudden changes in temperature can be experienced by animals being removed from an air conditioned cage into a hot or humid environment for a toilet stop or at the end of a journey and dogs in general do no regulate their temperature as quickly or as well as we do to cater to these sudden changes.

Another significant factor is that to efficiently run AC it is necessary to severely limit airflow on the float or into the vehicle. On long trips there are many things that could cause a breakdown that would stop the AC working leading to a potential catastrophic situation for all animals. We choose to set up our floats to maximise airflow at all times for the safety of the animals under all possible scenarios.

Whilst we understand that this is not a popular policy for some potential clients, it is important to understand that our duty of care is to the health and safety of the animals in our care rather than to cater to the sometimes unnecessary wishes of their owners. Where it is considered essential that a specific animal must be kept in AC at all times I would suggest that this is due to the condition of that animal and that we should discuss more specific and customised transport requirements.

In reality, many of our services are provided entirely in Air Conditioned vehicles but we we do not guarantee it and we plan for the consequence that it may fail and use it sparingly and carefully. We endeavour to keep the temperature at 26 degrees plus at all times and monitor the humidity as well as the temperature. Use of the AC is totally up to the discretion of the driver who will take into account the current conditions and the nature of the animals he is caring for. We also specifically keep spare vehicles in reserve to use in the event of breakdowns.

While I am aware that there are other road based transporters who do advertise fully Air Conditioned Interstate services none of the transporters I am currently aware of have any plan or equipment in place to cope with the situations highlighted above.


If your pet is a Brachycephalic breed, it is important to note that while heat is an exacerbating factor in Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome, it is not the cause. Any form of stress or over excitement may cause issues in an affected animal. As Brachycephalic animals cannot regulate their body temperature as efficiently as other animals and much less efficiently than us, any sudden change in temperature can cause an issue. For instance moving a pet to or from an Air Conditioned environment. 

Specifically, affected Brachycephalic breed animals being transported in Air Conditioning may be unable to adequately regulate/adjust their body temperature when taken out for walks and sudden changes in temperature may quickly cause an episode of heat stress resulting in death. The higher the temperature difference the greater the risk. Where we do use Air Conditioning in our vehicles or on our Premium services wher Air Conditioning is guaranteed, we are careful to ensure that the temperatures are not kept too low.