Beware of Internet Puppy Scams

The internet provides potential pet owners with a wide variety of information as well as the chance to purchase and/or adopt a pet from a wider area than would otherwise be the case. In fact recent moves to limit sales of pets by pet stores and to encourage breeders to operate from outside the major cities and towns means that most puppies are being sourced online. Provided you are as careful as you should be for any online purchase there is generally no problem.

However there have been regular examples over many years of both local and off-shore based scammers advertising puppies for sale and in some cases purporting to be affiliated with various Pet transport businesses.

These Scams can take many forms. At this point we are aware that nearly all Ads placed on the Online Trader site Cracker are Scams along with many on the Trading Post. Often, the puppies do not exist, the photos are cute photos taken from the internet. I have recently seen examples on as well. In the Past we have seen instances of our name and logo being used in relation to scams in North America as well as in Australia but we have also seen other Pet Transport Businesses names used in the same way. All types of Puppies are being advertised in such Scams but common ones are Bulldogs and French bulldogs.

In many of the instances we are aware of the pets concerned are advertised FREE. All monies requested were for transport or vet services prior to or during travel. Often once the animal has been sent you will be contacted to pay additional fees for Delivery, insurance or veterinary checks.

As you review the Ads and any other correspondence you may observe frequent errors in spelling and significant errors in sentence structure. It is common for the ad to be placed in one town only for you to be told, once you make contact, that they had to move suddenly and the pup will have to come by freight. They will be reluctant to talk on the phone and most correspondence will be by email only. They may be reluctant to provide you with flight details, airline schedules, and air cargo or Way bill tracking numbers or will only provide you with information after you have wired them additional funds.

If it seems odd, call us and check. Ask for new photos showing the same pup as in the ad with todays date written on a piece of paper to ensure there is a pup. Ask for the number of a previous client to call as a reference.

If they are using our name check the following. Dogmovers is based on the Gold Coast, QLD. and in Lara, VIC. in Australia, We have only one office that processes bookings in Australia and are not involved with international transport of pets of any kind. We transport pets only within the states of Victoria, S.A., ACT, NSW & QLD in Australia and we normally transport pets by Road. Occasionally by Air but only at your request.

We have no partners or affiliates anywhere. We do work closely with several local pet transport businesses however it is normal for us to contact both the Sender and Receiver directly by phone to finalise any arrangements concerning bookings with us prior to the pick up. We do not usually finalise any details via email but this may happen if you initiated your booking by email and are a regular client. In these cases the Dates, times and locations of the pick up and drop off will be detailed along with the contact details of our driver. Additionally we do send confirmation SMS or emails with these same details.

Very specifically, it is our policy not to collect an animal until we have confirmed the necessary details with the receiver to ensure we will be able to deliver it.

Additionally in most cases payment for our services is only made after direct discussions with one of our consultants. Payment may be made by Internet Bank transfer, credit card (By phone with us directly), using Paypal or paid to our driver in cash at the point where he picks up your pet, In the event that a client chooses to pay via credit card or internet Banking the details are relayed directly from us by phone or email. We do not hold bank accounts outside of Australia. We do not accept payments by any form of International money transfer such as Western union.

If you have any doubts check out the companies website. If they are using the name Dogmovers and after reading the above you are still not sure, call us on (07) 5530 2710 and don’t pay the money until you are certain.

The following is a copy from an email distributed recently which i believe is linked to the current scam (we received this twice)…


I am looking to place a litter of 5 adorable bulldog puppies and also the parents, they belong to my late mother in law who I was really close to and she passed away unexpectedly, she is so much in love with the bulldog breed, that she breeds only once a year for the love of the breed. My husband and I recently moved to a new apartment where pets are not allowed. I want to find these lovely puppies and the adults a permanent loving and caring homes, if you are interested in having them, please contact me immediately.

Have a nice day. Jessica

If you wish to report a scam you can contact the following Queensland links or locate similar organisations in your own state.

Queensland Police Computer Crime Investigation Unit

External email –
Telephone – 61 7 3364 6943 or 61 7 3364 4113
Facsimile – 61 7 3364 6549

Brisbane Office of Fair Trading
Level 21, State Law Building, 50 Ann Street, Brisbane
GPO Box 3111, Brisbane, QLD, 4001
Facsimile: (07) 3246 1589

Nationally, Scamwatch is part of the ACCC

Heres a link to an international site listing scam websites

If you have any other info that you think I should ad to the above let me know. I can be contacted by email at

David Gallagher,