Our Meeting Points

Click on the Map below and scroll into your area to view the local meeting points and Routes for our Express Services. (Further usage tips below map) Our Premium & Priority services are generally Door to Door and cover a wider area so do not operate strictly to the routes shown.

Click here to View in Google Maps

The Page icon in the top left of the map will allow you to select which features are visible, each Route can be turned on or off individually by clicking the red tick box.

Click on the Red Meeting Point Markers on the map for the name & location details about each one.

In most cases in Regional areas we can meet you on the main routes between these points, on Express services if we have to travel off our usual routes there will be additional charges. For Door to Door Service within the cities please check with our Customer Service staff for availability and any additional charges involved. Our Premium and Priority Services include Door to Door delivery and details will be discussed when the booking is confirmed.

Click here to view our interstate pet transport routes